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July 24, 2009


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I don't think your crazy at all! I used to hate Tuesdays because of various events that happened on that day!!


"This is the day (ok, month) that the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in it". Whenever I'm having a bad day, I keep repeating this and you know what..it works!

tammy hebert

Ahh we all hate something at sometime or another. Right now I hate July-why? Because it is so hot and muggy you can't enjoy it at all. But I am sure were the weather a bit less muggy I would not hate it. :)
thank goodness for friends who tell it to you like it is.



I hate summer period! Unless it is on the cooler side. I also am not a big fan of Holidays! I love to decorate for them, but I hate celebrating them....don't know why, just do. And it is getting worse as I get older!

Tracey Buxton

Um....I think saying I "reamed" you was a bit harsh. (Okay,let's say I was "firm" and we all know I have a flair for drama...!) But...
I'm with Robin. Life is short. This IS the day the Lord has made. If you can't rejoice, at least try to be grateful for the small pleasures. (like banana cream pie blizzards!)
Make the MOST of it sista, and remember, your ATTITUDE is the ONLY thing you're in complete control of in this life.
I love you, my dear friend!
the OTHER Tracey


Good for you, my hubby was born in July too... But between you and me ;) I am not a fan of July or August if truth be told... Maybe it isn't the months as much as it's the HEAT I really do HATE... hahahaha


happy birthday! my daughters bday was this month too. im glad you are taking the high road and have decided to like july.


I dread end of April to mid May - especially around my birthday, to many deaths - my grandmother, my then fil, a miscarriage and then my father. So I completely understand. Around that time peroid I always wonder who is next. Decided not to dwell on it anymore but some years are harder than others............Jo

Joanne  Kennedy

Well I'm not a fan of July much myself. I hate the hot days. I'm more of a cooler weather kind of gal.

Other then the heat I hate when school is out because every place I go is crowded, the kids play outside until late night and make my dogs bark.

So I fully understand. Now that being said it is true that we can learn to enjoy every day and yes the Lord made this day so we should be thankful.

So I'm thankful and I may even enjoy my days but I still don't like them. LOL



glad you now are a July lover....you need to plan a July Party every year (besides your birthday) to embrace July. Maybe July 14, Bastille Day..its so French :)

Have a Happy July weekend....


I'm almost 53 and decided three years ago to cherish every day (to the best of my abitity). My sister almost died of a brain infection and took a year to recover after three brain surgeries. Every moment is precious. I always talk about birthdays, anniverseries, holidays, etc. weeks before the event. No expectation of anyone having to remember the event or read my mind to know what I expect/want/need! Makes life so much easier for everyone.

I''m glad you are learning to enjoy July.


Ha~! I'm not a hater of any particular month as a whole but there are DAYS that I hate. And just when, after 20 years, I was getting over it, BAM, something happens to add to the list of days I hate. Will it ever end? I DO BELIEVE, life is short and we have to move on. But in the back of my mind, May 30 will always be a BAD day.


Well I'm not sure if that was the sensation you were going for Tracey, but, I really DID "smile out loud" when I saw your "today's post".......proving one MORE reason we enjoy you once again taking 'up the pen' -- no kidding, the topic & pic. tickled me and I just HAD to see where this story was gonna end up! :o) I'm SO happy to see that July has been liberated Tracey and you are once again a "12 month of the year" kinda gal! The teeney beaney 'in our head voice' has a way of planting a seed that can take over our whole self sometimes and while it's probably human of us to take a pity party pitstop, isn't it just like a good friend to hold up the Stop sign and point us back in the Gratitude zone.......ahhh, friendships are just another part of the Joys of July!! :o)

Glad you're back Tracey..... :o)
God Bless,

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