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October 13, 2009


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Ohh Tracey that sounds so nice for you and your mom sounds like a sweety. Are you doing your booth solo now. Love the pics of your house looks really cozy and I am going to try to find the color of the paint in your dining room for my kitchen thx for getting back to me.

Julie Federico

What a cool paisley case. I say "Work it, Girl." I know your friends just love you exactly how you are.

Barb in CA

Had to laugh about all the doubts you faced about attending your 30th high school reunion. You're still young. I just attended my 50th!! Same fears about letting others see the older/heavier version of me but it was wonderful to see all those "older" folks - ha. Yep, the guys looked older than the women (aren't we lucky to have make up and hair dye??) At the 50th reunion the classmates were just happy to still be kickin so they didn't care what anyone looked like -- we just had to look closely at the name tags to recognize each other! Love the paisley wig case.

Mary  Lou Alley

Trace, First, you are not old! I'm old! Such a delight to spend time with you this past weekend and I really enjoyed talking with Jim. So glad you had such a good time at your Reunion, I thought you would. You are so much fun to be with and talk to, I'm sure your old friends remembered that too. I look forward to our next Thrifting outing. My love always, Mom

miss gracies house

I'm so glad you had *fun*! I just went to my 30th also...and yes, I thought the girls looked better (except the *super-thin* ones they looked older!).


I so enjoy your transparency Tracey; the vulnerable honestly in your writings. As you pondered whether to go or not I dare to guess that would HAVE to be EVERY gal's reaction (at least in their true, blue, Reunion of a secret self), BUT, I just luv it that you went,-- you conquered AND above all -- had a stunner of a time! No surprise to us Tracey---nope, no surprise at ALL!! :o)

God Bless,

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