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October 16, 2009


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Delightful and welcoming...amazing how a few pumpkins artfully arranged can add so much!
I am hosting a "pumpkin inspiration party" next Saturday and I hope you and all your readers will come! Check out my blog for details.
I'm finding "joy in the simple things" right along with you! Thanks for sharing!


Love our front porch!!! Since we live in a log cabin in Ky with a long front porch we have a porch swing that has Indian blankets on it and a lot of colorful rugs, my 4 pumpkins(don't you love the color of them) with 2 large yellow mums ,a rack for our firewood, old vintage table that our cats hop up to eat on and an old black bench from a carriage, but alas no master bath(sigh).My husband too is very handy just love it. We are up on a huge hill and the trees are awesome.


I love your front porch. Your neighborhood sounds very much like mine. I moved here 25 years ago...for the good schools and the neighborhood on a whole has declined but I have good neighbors around me. I cherish my home even more in these difficult times. I dovorced last year after 32 years of marriage and this house has become my sancutary. I have just started to update and renovate and it's just wonderful to give back to this place that has loved and sheltered my family for so long. I too like to decorate my tiny front porch and eveyone who comes to visit comments that it's welcoming. My next project is to replace my front door and then it will be perfect! Thanks for sharing yours.


.....gosh, your porch looks so inviting Tracey I'm tempted to give a "rap-a-tap-tap" on your homey, front door! :o) I really enjoy the photo 'n word combos.....it was just a 'lover-leee' sweet peek at your cozy nest Tracey! :o)

God Bless,

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