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October 22, 2009


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Oh, Tracey...I feel for you. Without sleep, I just can't function. I think you just have way too many things going on in that creative mind of yours to "let go" and sleep. Do you like hot tea? Drinking something hot may help - of course, then you will probably need to get up and potty...! I am in a Book Club and we are a bit older than you (I am 58) anyway, there are 8 of us and I am the ONLY one who doesn't take any sleep meds - not kidding, so I think this may be a universal problem. Feel better.
Sweet Dreams, Anita

The French Twist

I never have been a good sleeper. My family thinks its because I am afraid I am going to miss something. Wish I had a magic potion. Think about all those parents out there that say sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. That verse is enough to keep me up at night. lol


Hi Tracey.....seems like all my chums and I are in the same "wakey/wakey boat" too .... we often say that we should start a "For Nocturnals Only" club.

....guess Robert Frost is our universal theme tonight: "and miles to go before I sleep".....

God Bless,


Tracey, I know how you feel! I even saw a psychologist to find out what was causing me to basically go into "panic attack" mode. She told me that the reason it happens at night is due to your "guard" and common sense being down/asleep. Things you would nornally know and figure out to be O.K. are unable to make that distinction. I am proudly and restfully now on some meds. Good luck in finding what works for you.

Cindy~My Romantic Home

I'm in the same boat you are! I usually get 6 hours, if I'm lucky! I can fall asleep in a second but then I wake up at 2:30! Once in awhile I take Tylenol PM and I can sleep throught the night. Whatever you do, DO NOT take Ambien! I can tell you a horror story about a friend that took that!


I have been having similar sleep issues. That voice that just won't shut up is the worst. I have to tell you 2 things that helped me tremendously. The first is vitamin d. Have your doctor check out your level. It requires a blood test. The second thing I did after starting on the vitamin d was to get a walk everyday. I don't usually offer up medical advice but this is a really miserable thing to deal with. Good Luck.

Debbie York

I think for me it started around 50. Before then, I could sleep like a baby...never even moved. Nowdays, I'm lucky if I sleep 6 hours. The sad thing is it affects everything including weight gain. Sigh!
The only positive thing is on those rare occasions when I do sleep like I used to, I wake up so happy...just doesn't happen often enough. I'm with you though...no drugs...not yet anyway. Hang in there and try to avoid afternoon naps...doesn't help at all.

miss gracies house

Tracey...I feel your pain! I know of those nights...I do best on the days I exercise...and watch my caffeine. My worst problem is emotions...can you say up and down? I do hope that one day everything will level out again. Get a good nights rest:)


So sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. I thing part of it is the getting close to 50 thing. That was a while ago for me, but about when I started having trouble. I go through spurts of sleeplesness. The best thing or me is to just get up and read. Sometimes if I get sleepy, I just sleep in my chair.
You seem to know all the right things to do, it's just a matter of what works for you. I agree....no medication for me.
Sweet Dreams


Been there! I walk with friends four days a week, and venting my concerns keeps them from waking me up at 3:30 a.m. (and the exercise helps too). Keep trying things until you find what works for YOU!


Hi Tracey, I've followed you for awhile now but never commented. Time to now....
I'm older also and remember having the same problems around your age. Sorry Tracey (and others) but it's called MENOPAUSE....
This too shall pass...


Your singing my song! When I was young I was always tempted to list sleeping as a hobby. I guess it is an issue with maturing. I keep wondering will I go from this awake all the time to sleeping all the time with more maturing down the road!!! That's kind of a depressing thought too. When you get some answers fill us in haha.


Have you tried Valerian Root??? I've had trouble sleeping since I hit puberty. My mind kicks into high gear after dark and won't let me sleep. I can be exhausted and still can't sleep. I thought maybe I was having too much caffeine but after being off it for about 6 months straight I still had the problems. I finally tried Valerian and for some reason it really works! I just buy it in gel caps from WalMart. I take 3 half an hour before bed, just like it says to on the bottle, and by bedtime I don't feel any different than usual... my mind is still going and going... but almost as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out until something wakes me and I wake feeling well rested. I don't use it every night because I am still holding out hope of teaching my body to fall asleep without trouble on it's own and don't want to get dependant on something. Not sure if you can get dependant on Valerian... I've been using it for over a year and not had any such problems though.


oh...i just found your sweet little blog. i will add you to my blogroll asap!!!
oh my...i thought i was the only one going thru this. i will be 45 in a week and i have a just barely 3 year old. don't ask. i used to sleep with NO problems at all and alas....welcome to my mid 40's...the change...and a messed up thyroid!!! i get it. i do....i am so nervous and anxious at night....i hate it. hot all night long too and that does not help....racing thoughts....solving problems....ugh....yuck.
i bet exercise would help me, but with two young kids and a military husband....it's one excuse after another why i can't...
i even nursed my daughter like FOREVER so i would be sleepy at night. why does this happen to women? not fair. hubby sleeps like a bear and i'm throwing the covers off me all night!!!
oh well...hang in there and know you have company at 3am.
good luck

lynn Crapo

Sue is onto something. Exercise is what finally helped me. I sleep like a log now. I too am in my mid 40's with Thyroid issues.

I wish you all the best in your search to find what will work for you.. Lack of sleep is horrible! SO sorry.


So I've been up since 2:30 this morning, two days ago it was 4am. I gave up trying to reason with it. :( it is what it is.. an ugly reality.. i feel your pain


Hi Tracey,
I can relate. I've never been a heavy sleeper, but the last few years have been the worst ever. I can fall asleep pretty fast, but never stay asleep. I get about 5 hours - then it's toss and turn til it's time to get up ( I refuse to get up at 3:00AM!) Meanwhile hubby is soundly sleeping...
Exercise helps, no caffeine after 3:00 pm, write your worries on a pad you keep by the bed, make your lists for the next day before you go to bed...all those things help me when my mind is yammering on and on. Even so - on most nights when I have no worries, something always wakes me up. I'd love to stay asleep for an entire night sometime!!
If you can manage it try to take a 20 min nap everyday, that at least helps with the late-afternoon slump.
Good luck with this Tracey. Hope it gets better for you soon! Does it help you to know you are not alone, and we will all be thinking about you when we are awake in the middle of the night?!
Heidi - Heart and Home


You are definitely not alone. It sometimes happens to me and a lot of my friends complain about a lack of sleep.

It's so hard to clear your mind at night isn't it? I've heard chamomile tea helps.

I wish you sweet dreams.


Oh, I know the feeling! It's awful to not be able to sleep. I too never had the problem until the last couple of years and it's getting worse instead of better. The only way for me to get a good nights sleep is to take a Benadryl. The other nights I spend my time on Facebook or Pogo playing games.

southern scarlett

its your hormones honey, you are about to embark upon menopause, insomnia is a huge part of that along with freaky hot flashes
it tough, the dr might give you something to help you
good luck


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