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October 30, 2009


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Margaret Bouwmeester

I think they were up to tricks!!! What a fun idea, I love to have friends over, maybe I could to do this for the holidays and we can compare turkey recipes!!!
Great post.
Margaret B


That does sound like a fun evening. I agree with Margaret, I think you might have been set up.LOL I'm sure your's was wonderful.
Hey, I make a pretty good Lasagna (or so I'm told) and I make it with Lawry's and canned tomatoes. I do doctor it up a bit though.
We find ourselves eating in with family and friends so much more now with the economy as it is.
Wow! Your giveaway sure got a lot of hits.
I've still got my fingers crossed.


Oh, Tracey - I bet yours was so yummy, makes me hungry for lasagna and it is 10:15 in the morning!!! I have never tried Lawry's ...ummm - I'm thinking I should!
Paul is so lucky to have you as a friend and neighbor and I so enjoy your blog, just makes me happy whatever you write about...
keep up the good work!


Perhaps you might post both recipes and let your readers decide :-).....
p.s. nice "autumn" picture of you...


Seeing that your lasagna pan is almost on empty Tracey I'd say that you reign as "Twin Win"! :o) Your cook-off was a fun story to read Tracey and I like your idea of taking up the challenge too, but, I think I wanna be Paul! :o)

Cheeries....you're doing awesome with the postings kiddo! :o)

God bless,


I love your "tuesdays with paul."
And you're such a good sport! :)


That looks soooooo yummy! And if it's even half as good as the pasta salad with poppyseed dressing you shared I would beg for the leftovers! Your hubby and Paul are lucky guys, if you ever need a taste tester for a tie-breaker let me know, I'll enthusiastically volunteer! ;)

cindy~my romantic home

Haha! Oh my gosh that reminds me of a salsa contest I entered at work on Cinco de Mayo. All the executives at our company were the judges. I heard a few of them commenting on how good mine was. The VP of HR was very sure that mine was the best and she was trying to convince the other execs. They all put their votes in. There were about 10 different salsas....what did they chose? The one served in our cafeteria which I'm sure comes out of a jar! To me, it's horrible! I couldn't believe it.

I bet your lasagna is really delish! It sure looks good!!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and that's the most important thing!

The French Twist

We is my left overs chickie?

miss gracies house

That is too funny...we cook a lot from scratch around here and feel your *pain* over losing against *canned* sauce:)

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