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November 20, 2009


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The French Twist

It will be magical, can't wait to see it.

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

How I love the snow. It looks so beautiful. And yes, a sign that Christmas is coming. Sounds like you had the perfect day. I would have put on a pot of soup and spent the day sewing. (By the way, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and yes, I am already teaching my Drew to sew. She picks it up so fast)
I'm so happy for you that things are selling for you, and I am sure you will have it all Christmassy soon. Be sure to give us some pictures of both Junkee's and 41 Taylor. Thanks for the snow...I miss it.


I love the snow!!!
And staying in nesting....the best of both worlds!!
We do not get much here in Oklahoma and I am from Florida so any little bit of sugary dust is like a dream to me!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


I just became your very first follower!!!
I feel Blessed!


I just bought a vintage top hat at the local thrift shop. I'm waiting for enough snow to build the perfect classic snowman to wear it! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
Can't wait to see pics from a magical, wintry 41 Taylor!


Tracey, I'm so jealous...it hasn't snowed here yet! Congratulations on selling all your goodies. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of 41 Taylor after you finish decorating. :)


It so exciting see how things are going for you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing all your news.


Happy First Snow!!! Seems to makes everything magical...your plans for 41 Taylor sound perfect! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Anita


Sunday Night Hi's Tracey!
I'm sitting here with a bit of a shiver 'n a goosebump that just got bigger looking at your snowy view from the window Tracey; oh nothin' taste better than that first snowflake!:o) I so enjoyed your 'tale of the day'....made me feel cozy too. By this time of the season we are usually bundled up and have already had a 'date or two' with the snow shovels, but, for some unexpected reason today as in past days have been spring jacket weather. I decided that while you are bottling up your 'snow joy' that I would do likewise with my 'balmy breezes'! :o) Until yesterday I was unprepared to dare unwrap a Christmas decoration never mind actually tuning up the Christmas music....and then......a blogger suggested tuning into CBN Radio here on the screen and........I fell smack-dap into full-fledged Christmas Spirit Tracey.....yep, it was the music that did it!! :o)

Ending my long winded scribble with a visual in my mind of just how 'ever so' lovely your beautiful 41 Taylor will glow with your Christmas touch Tracey -- magical I would imagine..... Oh and also great goings with your 'sell outs' at your booth....I suppose that just makes room for your Winter Wonderland dazzle Tracey! :o)

OK...go put another log on the fire Tracey and I think I'll go grab a hot chocolate (it goes perfectly with Bing croonin' White Christmas in the background!) :o)

Snowflake Blessings this night Tracey!

A Cottage Industry

Hello my friend!
I am so happy to hear you are doing great at Junkee and I cannot wait to see the transformation at 41 Taylor. I knew you'd be amazing at all of this!
The other Tracey


So happy for you. Is there anything you can't do? how about some more of your fab recipes? an easy appetizer for us novices.

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