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November 13, 2009


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Oh my Tracey, I am so happy for you. Hope you get some rest before Sunday. I would love to attend a party at 41 Taylor. You must be so proud. Your tables looked so pretty.

Sammy Girl

WOO HOO! Congrats and you go, girl!
Betty :)


What a great way to make a living! Everything looks so pretty.


Just love the cupcake goodie bags! Everything looks so pretty. I would like to go to all of your parties! It wouldn't even matter what occasion! I just want to take it all in! SO special!


Tracey, I have that same saying "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" framed on my desk - love it! Gosh, it sure is cold out your way! Tea Party sounds so cozy, no wonder they didn't want to leave :o) You have the bestest job...so happy for you. I need you here to help me - I am hosting my Book Club in Dec - and I can't decide on a menu...thinking I'll do brunch - wish you were close enough to cater for me! That would be fun. Get some rest before Sunday!
Love, Anita


Sounds like 41 Taylor is taking off. And you are having so much fun to boot. A woman asked me if my job sang to me? Odd......it doesn't but yours certainly sounds like it sings to you!

Mary  Lou Alley

Tracey, Your tables look adorable! What fun, a Tea Party. Sounds like you're loving this party thing...who would'nt. You do this so well~ of course your guests will want to do another party. When the word gets out about 41 Taylor...WATCH OUT!!!! My love to you always, Mom

Wagonwife Designs

Congrats Tracey.

So very happy fo you. The tables look fabulous.

Debbie V.

Everything looks wonderful as always. You have such a gift and I'm glad that business is great!


....the photo gallery was a 'sure sell' for me Tracey; those 41 Taylor events are only meant to keep on growing!! SO nice!!!!

God Bless,
(luv'd the tablesetting...is it any wonder that they guests didn't wanna leave!) :o)


What a lovely place to make memories!

Cheri Peoples

I am glad things are going well for you.

I love those chairs without ay back in them--gorgeous.



I am so glad to hear about 41 Taylor. It sounds like a fabulous place and I am happy for your success. Thanks for keeping us posted on all the wonderful events!

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