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December 12, 2009


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Your Frosty looks like a Hallmark card!!!
Enjoy the snow - stay warm and drink some hot chocolate for me!


The French Twist

k I'm calling you crazy, no your right it is beautiful. I love frosty he rocks....


Love your snowman! He has such great taste in scarves!
A few weeks back, I picked up the perfect snow man top hat, and I just found a corn-cob pipe at the thrift store this week, for 99 cents!
We have snow, but it's pretty crusted over with ice. I'm going to hold out for the perfect snowman snow. I'm looking
forward to posting snowman pics of my own!
Bless your hubs for all he does for your neighbors. You two are the kind of neighbors everyone hopes for!

My Shabby Roses

I don't know I'm just not ready for snow! But your Frosty looks pretty cute.
What a sweet hubby you have. I love to hear things like that.


I just love the snow too, the perfect time of year to tuck in and nest at home. Your snowman is wonderful!

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

I love snow too, Tracey. We don't live where it snows, but 2 of our grandkids do, so almost every Christmas Eve. we get to visit when it is snowing. Only 45 minutes away. One of my grandsons and I watched Jack Frost the other day. Your snowman reminded me of him. Except yours has a much classier scarf and hat.

Joanne Kennedy

How cute! I have always wanted to make my own snowman. I've never made one and I hope to one day get to before I die.


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