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December 19, 2009


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Joanne Kennedy

I think you should start a new trend or even a group called the Glitter Stash Women. LOL

Merry Christmas and I am so happy for you and your new business. I so wish I lived near by so I could have a party there.


Margaret Bouwmeester

Hahaha I agree, I am covered in glitter and so is everyone I come into contact with!!!!
Margaret B


I guess if you are going to have a 'stache... A glitter one is the way to go! hahaha I used to NOT like glitter, because of the random sparkles that won't come off unless you take a hunk of skin with them... But I am over it, still not fond of random sparkles, but it does make everything so festive and fun!

Mary  Lou Alley

I love your "glitterstache" story, priceless! Is'nt that the truth? Once you've got it...you've got it! Sooooo looking forward to seeing you soon, I miss you so much. My love always, Mom


Tracey - you are a "glitter bug"...think about you now whenever I see glitter and it makes me smile. Great story - thanks for sharing! Hope that you and your family will have a blessed Christmas.
Love, Anita


I love glitter!
I just ordered several bottles of edible glitter from fancyflours.com.
Now I can glitter our food too! The chances increase for more glitter mustaches with glitter you can eat though! Don't you think?


I think you 'sparkled' us all up Tracey with your story -- you're a December 'Cheerie' I enjoyed reading because you never fail to remind us of someone who 'lives' out gratitude.....(which by the way is another "G" word to come along side of 'glitter'!). :o)

God Bless you Tracey,

cindy~my romantic home

haha...I was laughing out loud when I read this post!!! Too funny! I'll be posting photos tomorrow of the glittery goodness you sent me!

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

Funny story about your "glitter-stash"
I had my pinecones, glitter, glue and pan sitting on my desk for 2 weeks. Never got them done...so much to do, so little time, but you have inspired me to glitter, so I'll put the pine cones away until next year and try to glitter something for Valentines day. Loved the sweet glittery gifts you sent to Cindy at My Romantic home.

Carla at Dixie Dazzle Designs

It's well past my bedtime, but I just keep finding more interesting blogs! I love glitter too & enjoyed your pictures.

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