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January 01, 2010


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Tracey, you are in my thoughts and prayers...miss you and hope you feel better soon! Happy New Year!!!
Love, Anita


So sorry to hear this..I have been there and it takes time...and I finally had to get medicated to get myself over the hump which I was so against... but it worked so...
I wish you a Happy New Year and prayers that you will soon feel liked your old self.
Just know that you are not alone!!!


Dear Tracey,
I have friends that have found great improvement with seasonal depression by using a lamp that provides full-spectrum light. They are said to mimic the light of the sun. Some are very pricey, but the less expensive ones are supposed to be just as effective. You are in my prayers, sweet friend. May the New Year provide you with renewed hope and energy!

tammy hebert

Hang in there - we all hit a bad period but with friends and family and the will to carry on we make it out of the darkness and get through. Just do it one day at a time and remind yourself every day of one thing that makes you happy and eventually you will see a long list of happiness.
Happiness just has a way of creeping in and taking over- just leave a window open and let it do its magic.



I'm so sorry to read that you are feeling down. I'll pray that you are feeling perky soon. Please let us know how we can help.

My Shabby Roses

Tracey, I am so sorry that you're feeling blue!It sounds like things are really tough. I hope 2010 will bring you many new unexpected blessing!


I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. I've had my share of hard times in my life and I can relate to what you're going through right now. E mail me your phone number. I'd love to get together with you {maybe help you paint furniture!}. Really, I mean it.
Your friend,


Hi, me again. My daughter just showed me this blog and I thought you will benefit from it. Check it out: http://1000awesomethings.com/2009/12/31/601-getting-through-it/.


Tracey, it was your honest open spirit that started me reading your blog....remember when you were writing about finding your own style and voice? This difficult path that you are on just may serve as the painful vehicle to make that happen. Connection with others is so important....we all share such similiar human journeys...I hope you will allow friends and family and readers to hold you up when you are not able to do that for yourself...


oh.dear.friend ~~ I came to your blog and I read and reread your posting and I just sat here for a long while trying to formulate my reply Tracey. I'm not sure if I'll "say" it the way I'd want you to hear it dear friend, but, I hurt for your hurt Tracey; our Tracey the Encourager needs us today to find a soft place to lay down the tears and the sadness and I don't know if you "see" us here to provide that for you dear friend.....but....nonetheless.......here we are--together in some miraculous fashion worrying about you/caring about you/praying hugely over you/and just.....being 'here' Tracey. I read the 'courage of words' in sharing your posting with us today dear friend; I'm sure it would have been easier for you to turn away from the computer, but, you didn't. You shared "you" with us and that now allows "us" to share back to you Tracey without you having to do a thing......if you don't feel like posting tomorrow or the next day or the next....we will still be praying you through dearone. Forgive my longwinded words Tracey....you have tickled us with such sweet reading days here and I needed to pour out a cup of comfort back to our girl today.......xx

God Bless,

The French Twist

That makes me sad.... hugs L

Joanne Kennedy

Oh Tracey is there anything I can do to help you? I am not sure what happened or why you are so down but it breaks my heart to know you are sad and crying.

Your blog has brought me so much joy. I come here often, even though I've been bad about leaving anyone posts lately.

If there is anything I can do or if you want someone to talk to please know I'm here for you.

Big Hugs,


Sending you a warm hug. Hoping you'll feel much better soon. Life can be so difficult sometimes, but the clouds do lift eventually.

Always here if you need a friend,

Mandi Pike

Sending warm thoughts...and BIG HUGS...your way! We're here when you need us and we miss you.

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off (get a new outfit, a new hair cut...freshen yourself up for the new year) and get back in the swing of things!


pogonip@meadowsweet cottage

Oh, Tracey,

You're not alone in feeling this way. It's a struggle, every day sometimes, trying to focus on the positive in life when I'd rather curl up and nap the day away. I'm just hoping that Twenty-Ten is a whole lot better than 2009. Hugs to you and to everyone out there struggling and feeling blue, ten fingers crossed as I wish for a blue bird of happiness to reappear.


Tracey Think of you often and as I went through what you are I know exactly what you are feeling. Icky and weird not like us and if no one has experienced it you can't explain or talk someone out of it. It is definitley an imbalance which is what the meds are for. You will get through and your goodness and sunshine will be there again. Oh did I tell you I painted our cabin kitchen red after I saw your dining room It is called cabin red(appropriate) by Ralph Lauren. The first attempt was glossy red and looked like a firetruck not good. So I redid quickly. Paid someone 1st time to paint it or I would have stopped. It was one of those omigod moments when I saw it. Hugs Diane

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