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January 18, 2010


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Tracey, what a fun - fun party that must have been - gosh, she really looks like Snow White! You are so creative - love your table decorations...wish I could have been there.
You are in my daily thoughts and prayers...
hope that you will be better soon.
Love, Anita


How precious! I love the colors and decor!


Oh.my.gosh. The table settings for the Snow White Party are just perfect! I love everything about them! What kind of cake did the little princesses have?
Hope you're feeling better, Tracey.

Joanne Kennedy

Cute party. I'm so jealous that you have a wonderful space to hold parties in. I love throwing parties more then anything. I also would love to have your place near me to book for the parties I throw. We don't have anything like that near me.

I had to laugh at your last post about the Dr. Even down in the dumps you can crack jokes...that's a good thing.



Oh I love this party...how cute....what a great job...hope your doing good...


Tracey so glad you are back and posting. You have so many friends out here that care about you. Beeeutiful party and table. What fun they must have had.


You really are a master at table design. The apple favors are a clever idea. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon.


Oh Tracey, even MORE than seeing the beautiful photos above was 'seeing' you with your badge of courage here today...angels could do no more. xx

HOPEfilled prayers will flow "into your tomorrow" from this side of the screen Tracey; that's a promise friend.

God Bless,

Debbie V.


Glad to see you posting again - we've missed you! I love all of the little details of the party - from the apples to the adorable little wands. I'm sure the birthday girl was very happy with her party!

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

I've really missed your posts. So happy to see you are still doing parties at 41 Taylor. And what a cute party, with a real Snow White. I have about 5 granddaughters that would have been so thrilled. Your decorations and the sweet little table are so sweet.
Keeping busy and involved in others happiness is a healing process. Keep up the good work and you will get there, one step at a time.

Gail Golden

Tracey - I'm so glad you are posting again. Again, I hope you will read the latest installment of my friend, Cheryle's, series on depression at her blog
I hope it will help you.

pogonip@ meadowsweet cottage

The love and care you put into that party are so characteristic of you. The wormy apples are my favorite detail. Glad to have you back!

I thought you'd be writing about our weather today from the title, lol!


... praying that tomorrow might put some gentle smiles in your miles Tracey.

God Bless,

The Other Tracey

thanks so much for you continued support, really, truly, it means the world to me. my husband just got home from the hospital after being there for four days.......he is doing ok. Im doing my best to lovingly support him. most days it seems more than I can handle, I am my own worst enemy. Thanks once again and please continue to lift our family in prayer. Thanks again Barbra. Tracey


.......praying His calmness over your needs this day dear Tracey. May you be soothed and comforted knowing that you are held in healing prayer....truly you are.

God Bless,
......that was a piece of very good news to hear that your husband is back home from his surgery Tracey. I wish him God speed in his recovery....

Julie Federico

Go Girl.


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