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February 18, 2010


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Glad to see you back! Hope things are going better. And....what a terrific pantry, I'm jealous!!


I love your pantry! I did ours last year...it was so liberating! Yes, I discovered canned food does go bad too. Had to throw out way too much!


It is looking good. I know I have to go thru mine too, but it is too gorgeous outside today to even attempt that. Think I will do some gardening instead. Ok, weeding actually. LOL


Tomorrow is my grocery day and you have inspired me claim next week as "Pantry Dining Week" Tracey. :o) I won't gush on, but, only say.......welcoming you back today Tracey; you've been missed. xx

.......(oh and I can't forget to mention that "Operation Pantry" looks smashing Tracey~~)

God Bless,

Debbie V.


Welcome back - we've missed you!

Your pantry looks great and so organized! I just recently had an addition built onto my kitchen enabling me to add two pantries - one for canned goods, etc. and the other for china, etc. I can't imagine how I managed for so long without them!

Debbie V.

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

Your pantry looks great Tracey. You have inspired me to clean mine. It doesn't have doors, so I really need to do something. My carpenter husband has never seen the need to finish my doors. I like the wire baskets in yours. And yes, it is good to have you back posting. Keep it coming.

Rachel Beal

Looks great, need to clean mine, but when I do it never stays clean for long with my kids.

Mary Lou Alley

Good for you Trace! I need to do mine too, you have inspired me. I did kind of the same thing with my freezer not long ago. Cleaned it out, organized it and decided I was not going to buy another piece of meat, frozen dinner, pizza, etc., etc., etc., until I had used EVERYTHING in there. I did'nt have to go to the store for ages! Talk about a savings! Your pantry looks beautiful, keep blogging! I love you, Mom


Looks fab. Love the sign on the door. When I painted my kitchen (that gorgeous red color I stole from your dining room)decided to paint our panty the same color and it looks great. Have like a double door barn wood doors(log cabin). My delimna my husband cooks also(not so much since I have been so inspired by all of the blogs) he buys spices and I am embarassed to say maybe close to 100(yes we have a large pantry) so I put some on the shelves and the rest in wire basket. Also did my cupboards in pretty paper. And for my linen closet used that pretty lace for the trim. Now if I can just keep it that way!


Oh Tracey just made a banana bread for my neighbor and thinking about you and yours. Read a great book about baking A Homemade Life? (blog orangette) but she has about 4 recipes for the bread and says she freezes them. I did and they look brown and yucky but cut off the end and squeeze it out it is like baby food and makes great bread.


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