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July 01, 2010


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Love the pink sewing basket and the vanity tray ~ I would buy those!
How neat that your mom shares your thrifting enthusiasm. What a great hobby for her to have!

debbie york

Girl, when the temperature hits 50, I drag out my yellow boxes! I've ruined my feet for life wearing flip flops, but you understand don't you...they are so worth it. Love yours!

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

I too, love flip flops and sandels. I have to have a pair to match all my summer capris and tops. I think it is the toes free thing. In the winter I am shoe challenged. The only thing I feel comforable in is my white Reeboks. It is so sweet for your Mom to thrift for you. I bet she is a big supporter of what you do.

The Other Tracey

I wish you lived closer too......I am happy that I have given my mom a new outlet for shopping!

The Other Tracey

so nice chatting with you again, I know what you mean about the winter time, tennis shoes for me too.....I think its called the getting old thing!!!!!

Mary Lou Alley

Hi Honey, love your pictures...so glad you are blogging again - I must say it's about time. I got a little tired of looking at those mirrors even if they do look beautiful. Loved the Flips with the glitter and love you. See you soon. Mom

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