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June 30, 2010


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A Cottage Industry

Welcome back, my dear, sweet friend! I knew you'd be better-than-fine (I TOLD YOU SO!) and I wish you everything good in this life!
The Other Tracey
ps. Oh, how I miss those days out thrifting with you and the stop overs at the DQ!


Glad your back - I will now take two tracey's with my morning latte!
linens lace and lattes

Kaye Thornton

I'm so glad you're badk! I didn't give up on you; checked your blog every day!!!!!



I'm glad you are back too. I've been checking your blog from time to time and have kept you on my blog list.
Cute shoes!


So happy you're back. I've been concerned and have checked back every week to see an update. So glad to hear that you're doing well and will look forward to more updates.


Welcome back Tracey, I've missed your posts. Hopefully soon I will
be moving to Reno and can't wait to meet you in person. We have
so much in common, including the DQ.

The Sewing Queen

Love the shoes. So glad you're back.


So glad to see you back and I'm looking forward to more post! You were missed by many....


Welcome back! Can't wait to hear of all your news. I've thought about you and wondered if you continued with 41 Taylor. So glad you did!

judi barbara

Hi "Other Tracey",
I'm an old,old, old friend of the other Tracey's (our oldest kiddos started kindergarten together) and through her I have followed your blog. I am SO HAPPY to hear you are back and better than before. I look forward to following you again :)

debbie york

Welcome home. So glad you're back. I think I may have a little glitter in my eye, but that's ok. It makes the world shinier!


Hey there happy 1 year... I've missed you!


the world needs your spunk-anality! welcome back!


Hi Tracey! I'm so glad you're back, and look at all the comments others have left! We have all been waiting for you. It was so nice to see you last week at Junkee; you looked great with your "glitter makeup" (that's what I say to people who tell me I have glitter on my face - it's glitter makeup!). I love your quote "throwing glitter in the air"! I think I will use it (another quote I love from a blogger, don't remember who, said "when the glitter settles" instead of "when the dust settles". Don't you just love it!). I was at Junkee yesterday and bought a few more things from your booth. Welcome back!

The Other Tracey

Thanks so much Cyndi, I sure do appreciate all your kind words...and thanks for your many purchases at Junkee, I love that you love my stuff! Tracey


Hello Tracey ~ happy to meet you! I'm so glad the Other Tracey introduced you...

I read back through your whole blog and can I say that you write great posts! I love them. They're very real. I hope you still share about your Tuesdays with Paul ~ loved the lasagna post! I also enjoy your "thrift" filled posts. I sure wish we had thrift like that here on the East coast.

I'm adding you to my favorite blogs and I'm looking forward to a new post real soon.

P.S. Love the glittery shoes! Oh yes I do!!

The Other Tracey

Thanks for checking me out!!! its been a crazy year, thats for sure, I am looking forward to posting often! Nice to meet you! Tracey


Welcome back Tracey!!! We've missed you! Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Can't wait to see what you and those beautiful, sparkley shoes have in store at 41 Taylor!

Have a fun summer!


Welcom back cant wait to see what you been doing ...love the shoes!

Beverly@My Sew Sweet Studio

I'm so glad you are back and okay. I have checked everyday and was rewarded today. Love those shoes.
I'll be here often to see whats going on with you.

diane curry

i am so glad you are back too. hope all is well and i hope to see you this summer.

lots of love,

The Other Tracey

Thanks once again, for everything..........

The Other Tracey

your so cute.....thanks! Tracey

The Other Tracey

how kind you are, thanks so much, I truly, truly truly appreciate it! Im glad too!

The Other Tracey

I swear I have so many flip flop type shoes, I think I need some kind of intervention.......

The Other Tracey

oh my gosh, thanks so much......I am better! Tracey

The Other Tracey

please contact when you arrive! I can be your official welcome wagon!

The Other Tracey

so glad to be back......hope you are doing well, I miss seeing you!!! I bet you really miss having Tracey in town....I wanted to ask you what would you charge me to make some burlap runners with ruffles for me to sell in Junkee? let me know....Thanks Tracey

The Other Tracey

oh thanks so much, you guys are just somethin else!!!!!

The Other Tracey

alive and kickin thats for sure! thanks for the warm welcome!!!

The Other Tracey

oh thanks so much for the kind words, I am better, and looking forward to blogging again!!! Tracey

The Other Tracey

Thanks so much, I cant wait to get down there sometime and catch one of the openings, maybe this fall!

The Other Tracey

you are soooo fun, glitter, is there anything better, not on my fantasy island.....thanks for the encouragement, hope your honey is doing better, nothing like a good hospital scare to get you goin.....Tracey

The Other Tracey

oh thank you, thank you, I swear the flip flop fairy is in my house!!!!

The Other Tracey

oh thanks so much, I sure do appreciate your faithfulness....so many of you really really sweet, I am alive and kickin.....ready to share some laughs and good junk!

The Other Tracey

oh thanks so much Diane, I hope to see you too! Thanks again for checking back! Tracey

The Other Tracey

Ive missed you too.....hope all is well in your world, thanks for everything! Tracey

The Other Tracey

thanks for the blog love!!!!!


Tracey, glad you are back!
Carol in GA

The Other Tracey

oh thanks so much, Im glad to be back......Tracey

The Vintage Rabbit

Glad you are back!! I go to Reno often...Was just there a few weekes ago...Would love to stop by your shop!!



Welcome, welcome. And congratulations on facing a great big challenge and succeeding. Good for you!


Ahhh......Tracey's back and summer just got all the cheerier!!! :o)

Bienvenue Tracey!!
God Bless,

The Other Tracey

email me the next time you are in town and I will be sure to meet you at Junkee.......

The Other Tracey

thanks so much, truly......Tracey

The Other Tracey

right back at ya, nice chatting again with my fav bloggy reader.....I have missed you too! hope all your kiddos are doing well.....Tracey


Just wanted to add one more - "Glad you are back!" I, too, have wondered about you and what happened with the business. So glad to hear that you've hung in there and are making it happen!!

Congratulations on your anniversary and all the best for the 2nd year!


Its about time! Worrying about someone I have never met is not a good thing! As for flip flops.....my husband once informed me that he had counted my shoes ( a slowwwww day???) and I had 70 pairs! My response: honey, everyone knows that flip flops aren't included in the "shoe" count!
A big welcome back hug to you:-)

The Other Tracey

You are so funny!!! Thanks, I agree, flip flops dont count, not sure why, they just dont, those poor guys, they just dont get it!!!


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